Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I really admire Bill Gates for what he is trying to do - change the world

Excellent speech. He is not a 'hype' jeans guy. He is a person with vision. Not with 'cutting edge product' but with mind on a real problems. Bill Gates will be the most important person in next 10 years in pharma and health system for 3rd world and finally world all together. Just take a look and take a minute about this person.

Unfortunetly people still focus on Microsoft, than on Gates.
"As I write this post Gates talks of MS's philanthropy. It is hard to swallow. Many of the press stories about MS show it as purely driven to colonize the world. Gates says there is more to what MS does. Yet maybe as Google rises, Gates really wants to undercut it. Maybe he thinks he can do it with this move

On the other hand, people hates Gates because he is the person behind the success of microsoft. It doesnt matter what he is really doing to change the world. I feel like we were listing to two different speeches. It is great that now Gates by himself (not as a microsoft!!) change e.g. vaccination programme, trying to help africe not by producing 'red product' but talking with politics and other companies. This is really, really important. Much more important then open source, google search engine or web 2.0 software. Google is really not important for people in africa! I cant really understand people misunderstanding this two worlds of needs and ideas. Now there is a chance to change the world by people with vision and funds.

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UPDATE: Bill has sense of humor http://tinyurl.com/26zwbu too.

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