Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Walmart with medical services

According to WSJ 23 Clinics with non-emergance medical services will be closed... Stop. Is there something like that already running in USA ?

Shocking but very 'american'. Bring simple services like: routine Care, child and Adolescent Health, diagnostic Testing, vaccinations and preventative Care to wide public in shopping malls. Great. We already have big pharmacy supermarkets. What about simple diagnostics or health services?

Company behind it is called Checkups. I really love that and I think we should very seriously consider this way o promoting health and health services to polish patients. I consider my self as a client of this kind of service. Simple - I can make shopping, go to laundry and check my glucose in the middle.
Vaccinations is very important service too, especially for woman and children when we talk about e.g. hpv vaccine (gardasil, cervarix).

I will look forward hearing news from Wal-Markt about Checkups. All the best !

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