Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is tablet PC a future?

In fact, Microsoft may have some right to strongly encourage programmers and end customers to look for tablet pc. In my opinion, we make some usability tests and tablet pc may be excelent tool for doctors and patients. Also for Sales Representatives.

What good tablet pc should have:
1. extremly fast boot up - less then 20 seconds
2. wakeup in less then 5 seconnds
3. software design specialy for touchscreen
4. wifi or gprs included
5. camera
6. all actions should be safely monitored for additional actions

We (activeweb) don't see tablet pc as a another computer. We see it just as a monitor with access to community services and important patient data.

Andrzej Broniek from Elsevier had excellent presentation during Innovation 2007 (december 2007). He shows a grid of databases focused on doctors needs. Its very important to understand what the doctor or patient is looking at the moment (global scope or fast decision support).

We hope to provide you in Q2 first look at our research results on Tablet PC in-hospital communication system.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and questions regarding tablet pc - doctors, patients systems.

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