Tuesday, February 5, 2008

pharma emarketing after jupiter report

According to the Jupiter Research study, among the physician community connected to the internet, over 63 percent were engaged in the various pharma sponsored marketing programs including online detailing, compared to 53 percent of the unconnected physician population.

jupiterresearch has found that a significant opportunity exists for pharmaceutical marketers targeting physicians.

Connected online physicians who perform social activity in a work context in general are more engaged with and responsive to online pharma marketing than are unconnected online physicians, signaling an important target segment for marketers," explained Lead Analyst Monique Levy, Senior Analyst for JupiterResearch. "Marketers must promote word-of-mouth tactics and explore partnerships with professional networks to leverage this growing trend.

This is very important study for our key partners (pharma business) and we believe that polish doctors are similar to german or english one. And I wish to agree with David Schatsky, that internet, online communities are becoming more and more important in marketing plans for pharma product managers. For the last 10 days I have had more then 8 very interesting discussions with top pharma managers about reaching this possibilities.

Of course, we have to be careful in not spending to much while the interactive companies like activeweb are still trying to find out the right balance between content, education and entertainment. But what is most important, we have all the blocks - network of well known websites for doctors, tv crew and channels, ecme content and systems, cms systems, identyfication system for doctors (beta.medpass.pl).

Please take a look at this post with more interesting information from 2007.

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