Tuesday, February 5, 2008

marketing overdose

Do you have symptoms of MDD ? Probably we all have ! I need this drug. I believe in this advert. Well, I cant really tell you is it real campaign or real company and drug before I got on google.

So get few seconds and go check this very interesting website http://www.marketingoverdose.org/. I have to say that this is a strong message to all players, including pharma, patient and doctors. And we (partners of pharma marketing divisions) need to clearly stand against unreasonably actions. I cant really find any this kind of funny campaign in poland, but when i saw a first point of 'marketing strategy' in this movie I found it quite familiar. Brrr.

Thats why I think e-marketing, and e-education is more and more safe for pharma business and right way of communication. Web 2.0, communities and open editorial boards are the key to success. I believe, that doctors are ashame of interaction with bad marketing manners, and are looking forward for occasions to participating in scientific programs and pro-patient programs. They are open for help from therapuety guided solutions (e.g. mobile application from activeweb).

So please check this video and share it.

Marketing Overdose is a campaign organised by Consumers International. Quite good campaign !

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